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Default Really strange problem...

ok, just put a rebuilt '98 motor in my car after the first one blew head gaskets and devoloped rod knock... but anyways, drove the car for the first 200 miles, just fine, no problems... however, yesterday I drove to work (about 30miles), drove home, went back out to the car to go get my friend, and I drove about 3 miles on the highway, car was fine.. got to a stoplight and the engine started to sputter... I put it into neutral and it seemed to help a little, but I still had to keep the revs ~3k rpm to keep the car running. put it into drive when the ligh turned green, I need about 50% throttle just to move...even at ~70% throttle and max boost, I was barely moving, the engine kept sputtering... I pulled over in a parking lot, shut off the car, and check everything over... looked fine, got back in, started it up, and it was fine got home, reset the ECU, check all my fluids, did some research, cant find much info... went back out to go to a soccer game, and the car did it again, and a stop light after ~4-5miles of highway driving. I'm going to geuss it could be my MAF or possibly an O2 sensor, but I cant understand why the problem went away when I turned off the car and restarted it... and I don't know why the problem only happens when I am coming to or when I am at a stop.

Does anyone know how to do a resistence test on the MAF? I've done it on injectors, but never a MAF...
I'm going to pull my plugs later today to see if there are anything wrong with them...
Also, I have Magnecor 8.5MM wires, wondering if I had a bad connection I pushed them into the pack and spark plugs harder, but I'm not sure if the wires could be causing a problem, thinking of putting my stock ones back on and seeing if it helps.
I would swap MAF's with someone, but no one really has a '98 around me..
Oh, the boost gauge usually reads 20 vacuum, but when this sputtering was going on it was ~18 vacuum.. could my problem be as simple as a vacuum hose? but why would it go away after I restarted the car, and only at stoplights?

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