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Originally Posted by SVX WRX View Post
I dont give a **** about gas mileage. I think someone who would spend $50,000 on an electric mini-SUV would, though, and i was pointing out how foolish it is.

The only way i could see it being a good deal is if you put a crap-ton of mileage on a car every year, but then the 100 mile range wouldnt be very convenient in that scenario.
Spinning it in my favor:

I give a crap about gas mileage, but also enjoy at least a bit of sportiness.
I could have bought a GTI, but went with the Golf TDI. $25k, 40mpg's per tankful, and has enough low end torque to pull through the twisties. Oh, and 600 miles between fill ups.

Electric cars like the one we're supposed to be discussing, just aren't viable, practical, affordable, etc, for 99.9% of us. It's like this car will appeal to someone that likes to buy crap just to brag that they own it.

SCRAPPYDO nailed this one. If you want to spend twice as much, go ahead and spend twice as much.

But, EV's will evolve as time goes on.

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