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Originally Posted by DivineStrike View Post
if this EV lasts until 156,250 miles, then you will recoup the $25k extra you spent on the EV Rav4 vs the Reg Rav 4 in fuel savings. And that is using $4 a gal gas and the 4 cyl/fwd models combined fuel economy rating of 25mpg as a bench mark. Not entirely impossible and would take a little over 4 years if you drove it's max range of 100miles EVERY day.

It only sounds like it's too much money but in reality if it's mechanically sound and lasts that long outside it's warranty then go for it.

Never thought any post of mine might defend an EV lol. But thats just the gas numbers. Don't know what kind of MX costs will occur before or after the warranty expires. Then again you'd also have increased electric costs, wonder how much those would end up costing.
i put ~10k/year on a car, and usually keep a car for 5 years or so. i don't think i'd hang on to it for over 15 years to "break even" on the added cost over the regular RAV, so that wouldn't work too well for me.

again, i think the 100 mile range would be a major PITA to be recharging all the time if it were purchased by someone who did put a lot of miles on their vehicle.
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