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Originally Posted by wrxhard View Post
And to beetspeed: Compound turbocharging is NOT a new idea. Cummins did it to their 855's many many years ago and all the big power diesel guys run a compound (series) setup. Except they acutally compound the boost making them able to run in excess of 100psi manifold pressure.
Cheers mate!
I just read up on the concept in the meantime and your of course very right
Saw the video of Marc Evens of Boostlogic and some comments of somebody that suggested to switch the big turbo with the smaller one's place as all exhaust gas goes through both completely anyways. Interesting thought.
The vid of Chris also from Boostlogic where you hear his lexus spool twice is very exiting (don't listen to that or you'll come again ).

Its an utterly cool concept but I was concerned that it would take a lot of testing sizes of wheels, WG's, piping and such, but it looks like Fobiawrx has it almost covered with a few changes already. Awesome man!
@ Fobiawrx: Was the 80mm turbo with the T6 turbine side a deliberate next step up from the hot side of the 366 or did you just happen to get a good deal on it, even though it is freaken huge?
One other q: Is the T6 a twin entry? I guess you don;t need that with compound boosting?

Its difficult to grasp why this works so well as your blowing hot air into an intake of a turbo where its getting heated some more. I was thinking if it would help a lot if you would truely 'intercool' the air between the turbo's with an additional intercooler (maybe small chargecooler)?
Space constraint would be a problem, but would that help or does the single front intercooler do it all just as well?

This is exciting stuff!
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