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Figured I'd stop back in and give a few updates as to what's going on with the car. I can already see I'm in for an adventure this year. I've been running into a few snags. The good years of abuse with no breakages are coming back to haunt me. The car as just over 1000miles on it and I started doing some WOT pulls to make a quick pump gas map before the E85 change up.

First we had some boost control issues which was tracked down to an excessive leak through the valve guide of my wastegate. Unfortunately that model was discontinued so it was replaced with a new MV-R model.

With that problem solved we started to hear a scary sound inside of the transmission. I just removed it and partially tore it down yesterday. I have the differential case off (where I suspected the noise to be coming from) and found nothing abnormal. With the trans pan off the magnet is covered with metal shavings. A futher teardown is in order.

Occasionally I can find time to work on my own car, so I'm hoping to have it back on the road next week sometime. Stay tuned!
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