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Originally Posted by shirokuma View Post
The majority of Japanese Subaru's are now twinscroll. That means that, if you don't sell a twinscroll turbocharger upgrade, you won't be selling to the Japanese. So yeah, none of the big names here are known to the Japanese. And neither is Kinugawa.
Firstly, they offers twinscroll. I have a TD06SL2 60-1 right here. A dozen of my friend had the TD05-20g twinscroll as well as the TD06SL2-20g right on their car. Also, it seems to me that you have never been to Japan although you have claimed to have stayed here for 15 years. If you have been here for 15 years. You should have seen the steep recline in our manufacturing business. And how most manufacturing factories closed down to turn to Taiwan for their manufacturing needs.

Originally Posted by shirokuma View Post
So my view is, if a bunch of engineers and QC people from Japan are actually overseeing the parts that are being made, regardless of location, the end product will be higher quality than parts being made where the only QC is by somebody that's never even seen the car the parts are going on.
It doesn't mean that ONLY engineers and QC-ers from Japan makes better and higher quality parts. You ARE stereotyping. Although I'm a Japanese. I want to tell you, We used to be the best in manufacturing 20 years ago. but now? NO. Taiwan has far surpassed us. Thats why all of us are turning to Taiwan for our manufacturing needs. Also, I want to tell you. CHINA is NOT TAIWAN.
Taiwan has far better skills and strict QC.

Originally Posted by shirokuma View Post
The biggest issue with Chinese made parts isn't that people there aren't working hard on making the parts - the biggest issue is that cheap materials are often used and quality control is often non-existent. And finally, there is usually nobody there that even knows what the parts they are making are, or do, and thus they have no idea how to fix problems that crop up.
Again, you are talking **** that you don't know. As I have said, Take a trip down to Kamak's factory. And Kamak IS Kinugawa. It was just a brand OEM by Kinugawa. Kamak offers support for the line of Kinugawa directly.

take a look at how they manufacture their stuffs. If one could have such benchmarking and testing equipment in their manufacturing plant. I guess they are not fooling around and also, Kamak has been in this business for years.

Originally Posted by shirokuma View Post
Guess you didn't read the very next paragraph after that one about who is doing the engineering and QC being more important than where the factory is located?

Most stuff is being made in China these days, that's without question. What separates the wheat from the chaff is how much is being spent on QC and engineering.

again, THEY ARE MADE IN TAIWAN NOT CHINA. It's a vast difference between Taiwan and China in terms of QC and manufacturing.
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