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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
No, 5th is purposely geared as an overdrive gear to reduce RPM at highway speeds and conserve gas.

It is just geared so high, with power output from the engine pretty maxed out, to be used when climbing significant grades (especially with the AC on).

Rolling hills are not a problem, I'm talking steeper climbs.

And if you want to pass quickly on the highway, you need to downshift to 4th.

The car needs to be actively 'driven' to maintain the right powerband, but I bought a manual because I like to control the powerband, and 5th gear is perfect for what it does.

The issue is the engine power, which is perfectly adequate for the lower gears and offers ample acceleration down low but not quite enough to cruise in 5th gear in the mountains.

Not that I care, I downshift. It is only for steep mountains so not all that much for me (but I don't live in Colorado).

I'd rather see my overall MPG average hitting 30mpg and have to downshift occasionally than have the fuel hog 2.5 liter engine that was in last years model and leave it in 5th while climbing mountain roads.

If you disagree, you can still trade it in for a WRX and get the power you desire, with the fuel economy that comes with it.

exactly. I noticed i could cruise around town at 30mph in 2nd and still achieve 32mpg and still have plenty of power if i needed to speed up quickly, or i could shift to 3rd....
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