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Originally Posted by Uncle Scotty View Post
This thread is 1000% pointless and useless outside of the OP's area code

fuel is even different across the same CITY....much less state or the whole country.

this is why some tunes go out the window just driving a few miles....the fuel is different

and why you should NEVER tune to the bleeding edge

forget that last might cost ya a motor if ya get bad gas

this thread needs to be locked, I think....or moved, anyway
Holleeeeee ****!!! ELLLIPPPSEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! Friggiiiiiin' rights buddy! You got some good info in there even if it's all cute n hard to read because you're dickered on the liquor. By all means, report it and get er locked and moved or whatever you need to make you sleep better at night. I thought this was a good spot as it deals with liquids....

Originally Posted by Bacon117 View Post
I wouldn't worry so much. A lot of it comes down to the Ethanol content. Stoich for ethanol is 8.x:1, while E0, or gasoline is 14.7, so the more ethanol you have, the more fuel will have to be pumped into the engine to maintain stoich.

Knock correction is affected by so much, ambient air temp, fuel octane level, ambient humidity, and how many leaves or dead birds are on your TMIC. The corrections, short and long term are there for this very reason. I would have a hard time concluding that one fuel is better than the rest simply from the corrections in the ECU. There are SO many other variables that are changing, it's impossible to say it's all in the fuel.

If you hear knock, and the knock corrections are maxed out, then I would worry. You should get a CEL if this happens.
Thanks for that. I do probably worry way too much. It was more of an interesting observation for me and I wanted to share. I like learning how it all works, it's interesting to me. I'm definitely staying away from Shell in WA state, even if the ECU is doing it's job just fine. I just don't like feeling those flat spots.
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