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Originally Posted by subiTWO View Post
From everything I've read over the last 25 years, if you don't get the rings seated very early in the life of the engine, they don't ever seat, and you burn oil for the life of the engine.
i agree. but 79's behavior doesn't make sense where it starts consuming oil in the past 1000 miles for no apparent reason.

again, i'm not an expert, but i don't think he's low on oil at all (i have no clue how the dealer says he is 3/4 qt down unless they drained the whole system

79: did they drain your pan to find that you really were down 3/4 qts?)\

i daresay they are just guessing. )

i know some cars "go over" the high mark dot when using the recommended capacity. so, i'm speculating (and that's all it is) that they are looking at the dipstick, seeing that it is below the high oil dot, and saying that he's short and 3/4 qt brings the mark up to where it would be if you changed your oil and added the 5.3 qts.

i always have used the high dot as a good indicator in all of my cars. i haven't changed my oil yet, but i'm guessing and hoping that 5 qts (a nice convenient amount considering i can buy that in one container) should bring me beyond the half way point between the two dots and be good enough. we'll see.
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