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Originally Posted by RallyNavvie View Post
I'm thinking of giving my cannon some company this fall but I'm still a bit torn between a few options. The one I'm leaning toward the most is getting a decent .308 bolt (Savage 10FCP or similar) and put a can on it. I already have .300 reloading gear so reloading .308 subsonic should be easier to accommodate with just a new set of dies. However I'm also thinking of getting a larger cannon in the form of a .375 H&H (that will stop almost anything) or a .338 LM (that can stop almost anything from much farther away). Also in the running is recreating the HK91 I used to deer hunt with, but I'm not much of a fan of semi-auto anymore. Opinions?
All of those are different tools for different jobs.

The .308 is a good precision round out to 750 yards, but between 750 and 1000 yards it's kinda bleh compared to a heavier bullet you get in the .300 WM and the .338 Lapua Mag. Shooting my .338 Lapua makes 1000 yard shooting boring.

That being said, .338 Lapua will do just about anything you ask of it. It just doesn't come in a compact platform like a .375 H&H or .308 Win, and the brass is god awful expensive along with the bullets. Not a big deal if you invest in the caliber, but it's a lot up front.

If you are going to load for it ... I personally highly recommend a .260. It will take anything you shoot at, have superior 1000 yard ballistics, cheap to reload, etc. It's parent cartridge is the .308 Win so you can fire form .243 brass or neck the .308 cases. 6.5mm bullets are not hard to find either, and the 140gr. range SMKs and the Scenars are slick.

If you are going sub-sonic for a can, I'd just stick with .308s. You need a heavy bullet weight ... and anything under .30" is crap, and anything above .30" requires a huge can that is heavy. Plus, the bigger the hole in the can the less it will muffle (ala .45 vs. 9mm).

If you are in the Austin area I'd be glad to show you my Sako TRG42 in .338 ... it's a great platform.
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