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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
I think that pretty much all dipsticks that use the hole markings like on the 2012 the distance from the bottom hole to the top hole is 1 quart.

If you change your own oil, you will soon confirm this is true, and certainly helps to estimate how much you need to add to top it off.
i'll let you guys know in a few weeks. my plan (before all of this discussion ensued) was to put in 5 qts since that was a convenient amount based on the size of containers i can buy.

i'm debating now aout trying to put in 4.3 qts and see where that comes up on the dipstick before putting in the whole 5 qts and seeing where that comes up on the dipstick. i'll of course add more than 5 qts if it doesn't come up to at least partially between the two dots.

but i continue to assert that something else is amiss with 79's and the other person mentioning oil problems a couple of months ago. i don't know what the official stand is, but i would hope that 5.3 qts should be near the "full line/dot," and not the lower dot.

regardless, if the lower dot is "low," i would think that is when the light should come on.

also, i've always been schooled to not fill to above the high dot/line. i've occasionally let it get a little above that, but not by much. i usually aim at 3/4 to all the way to the "high mark."
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