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Originally Posted by xsnapshot View Post
Here's some data I haven't seen mentioned yet.

He's only moving 4.4 mafV @ 18psi. I move that much air at 16 psi on the small 16G. The dyno sheet at the end is not that impressive either. He does have a log up where it spools pretty quick however. Quicker than a small 16G usually does anyway. Looks like he sees 20psi by about 3200 RPM on a 3rd gear pull.

But WOW have the prices gone up on the small 16G!
That turbo is now $845! When I ordered directly from blouch back in 2010, that turbo was $650 brand new. That's quite the increase.
Up top the JDM 15T I had was about 20HP less than the 19T in terms of airflow by the logs. Timing was 6 degrees more advanced on my stock motor with same basic mods; TGV deletes etc. Best road dyno was 260WHP IRRC

On the 2.1 stroker the small 16G made 4.4 MAFV by 4,200 RPM and 28 psi on the way up and at 18 psi, 4.7 MAFV at 6,200. This is with an external gate and Apexi power intake (equvalent stock MAF voltages quoted). That's where I left it and it was pushing the turbo quite hard but it held up great.

I thought about trying out the 19T on the small stroker but cost wise it did not make sense to leave so much power on the table. I'm curious to see what a good EWG setup will do with one but I'm past that now an on to a billet 20G (and maybe T04S hybrid). I think the only way to really get the potential out of this small snail big compressor turbo is with an ex-gate. Without one you are leaving a ton of power on the table maybe as much as 60HP in terms of air flow. The 6 cm hot scroll is a huge restriction after about 4K RPM. 28 psi peak boost is doable on this turbo as well for someone who has the courage.

For the money and simplicity I'd take a used/rebuilt VF39/43/48 over the 19T if staying on the internal gate. It will make more power and cost less.
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