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Originally Posted by Overland04 View Post
Took a couple new shots of the car today, looking clean

Shot with: Canon 5D Mark II, 135 f/2 with 1.4x extender
Looks great! Why'd you choose to use the extender? IMO it turns the "magical" 135L into a pretty "normal" 200mm f/2.8 (approx). I guess the extra focal length can be good for compressing the background, but I think the 135mm f/2.0 shot is hard to beat.

Originally Posted by nighthawk06si View Post
Yeah definitely a different color to the Brembo Gold we're used to and it's really does go well with your wheels. But those DBA rotors are just making it all go together. I can't stop staring at the rotors...
Honestly, it looks pretty much like a normal Brembo color to me. I'm no expert though, and they do look great! I agree that the rotors look nice too.

Originally Posted by Overland04 View Post
Hey, nice to see you again!
The Q300 still has the drone, it's something that won't go away and for the 5 door owners it's something the is unique to us over the 4 doors. It seems that the way the exhaust is designed for the hatches is what makes the drone worse.
I barley notice it anymore but when I have passengers in the car, they do take notice and wonder how I can drive around like that. I wish it was a quiet as the sedans Q300 is inside but it is what it is...
I still wouldn't change it to something else yet, I love the way it sounds too much. Though I heard that you can quiet it down by sound deadening the trunk and wrapping the piping, I just doesn't bother me enough anymore to do that.


- Jason
Yeah, if anything I found the drone to get worse with time. The 5 door Q300 is not like any other Q300 before it. It's just louder and more droning. It's still not horrible, and many people can surely put up with it, but if you want something "refined", this is not it.

Originally Posted by Asharus View Post
wow, just wow. they look absolutely awesome! very well done man, damn.

oh and after reading your q300 comments, i guess the sound is really subjective. i dont think it's too loud at all. with the windows down it's loud but from the inside with the windows up, no. my wife didn't even notice i got a new exhaust when it was installed... in fact she thinks my car is still stock, except for the gauges, lol.

while we're on topic with all this q300 and vw/audi talk. my buddy took a video with his gopro a few weeks ago in his 400awhp B5 S4 while trying to catch me. enjoy the sights and sounds. plz dont flame me for doing this on a highway

Angelino Jolie - YouTube
The Q300 isn't nearly as loud an N1 or other "can" exhaust, but it's still not quiet at all. It's not horrible, and does sound pretty good when you get on it, but from a "quiet" exhaust it's way too loud, IMO. Drive an hour at 70+ MPH and then push in the clutch and you can feel a weight come off your chest as the drone stops. The older Q300's and the sedan version don't sound like this.

Originally Posted by WRXinpa View Post
I'd flame you for endangering people in the 100+ cars you passed while doing this, but that would only get in the way of this awesome build thread..
Yep. Always thread-jackers around. Some that drive recklessly too!
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