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Originally Posted by JSchell1309 View Post
Awesome build and great numbers.

Stupid question, is the boost gauge obstructed by the wiper lever, and does it obstruct the speedometer at all? I noticed it in the second video and really like the placement.
This is a pretty accurate photo of what I see from the driver's seat.

I a little bit of the boost gauge is blocked, but only the part that doesn't matter. The oil pressure gauge is blocked quite a bit. I can see it if I lean forward and look. It blocks a minimal amount of the OEM coolant temp gauge.

Originally Posted by djc1827 View Post
Nice numbers now get her to the track and be the first in the 10s with a 20g!
Doubt it. I'd like to keep the tranny in one piece as long as possible.

Originally Posted by punchjamesarnol View Post
Real nice numbers! I'm hitting 400 hp on the airboy spreadsheet for me at 24 psi. I know I have a safe and reliable tune for my stock block at the moment... but, I kinda want to up the boost to 26 psi now... I just wanna keep it safe and I know i'm pushing it.
This tune did 438WHP on Airboy at 26psi.

Originally Posted by rexblake View Post
I'm curious what this car would put down on either RS Motors dyno or DB's. Any plans on doing some pulls on either of theirs for comparison sake?
I was on RS's dyno when I had the 20G XTR, stock motor and lower boost. It did 390WHP at 22psi. Same tune did 366WHP on Airboy. The new tune does 438WHP @ 26psi on Airboy. So, 438-366=72. And 72+390=462. Haha. I am not making this up. Very odd coincidence. In reality, I think it would probably do low/mid 400's at RS.
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