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Originally Posted by jr0bb5 View Post
AAHHH!! These dash rattles are driving me nuts! They take away so much from an other-wise decent quality interior. I tend to be a perfectionist and things like these dash rattles really get to me. They seem to get worse and multiply every damn day. Granted they are intermittent most of the time, but with today being cooler than recent days (under 60 degrees), they were all buzzing at the same friggin time. I can't even imagine what the interior is going to sound like during the winter months. I have definitely pin-pointed two of the rattles as being the two A-pillars near the tweeters grills. The loudest, most annoying and most frequent rattle is somewhere inside the center of the dash. I could probably deal with the few other quieter, less frequent rattles if I could just figure out what the big one is. I don't feel like ripping my dash apart so maybe I'll just take it to the stealer and see what they say. I feel confident enough to take off the A-pillars and try some foam tape, but I'm not 100% sure what the pillars are rattling against. Anyway, sorry for the rant. I know the Impreza isn't a luxury vehicle by any means, but it's a brand new $20000+ car and the interior sounds cheaper than my buddy's 1996 Geo Metro.
If it bothers you and you don't feel like doing things yourself, bring it in to the dealership. They will have to fix it if you can replicate it to them.
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