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Default Mapped and Unbelievable ?

Hi chaps I've nearly finished doing the first stage of mods on my 01 edm bug
Decat up pipe
3inch decat exhaust
Td05 16g
700cc injectors
255 pump
(intercooler yet to do )
Mapped by me and added tinywrex l/c patch
I put the pump and injectors in and obviously it ran awfull
So logged and mapped what seems like forever until all the bogging and flat spots were out (a little at a time)
Changed latency , scaled injectors , tip in
I was already running a modded effectively what you could call stage 1 map
So got to the stage were I thought it was smooth and pulling well but running slightly on the rich side , the thought being when I fit the exhaust and turbo it will even it up
Well I think it has , the car pulls fantastic no flats or dodgey running at all
It's got a very slight pop on overrun and slight black soot round the tailpipe (not a lot ) can't here any knock and logs not picking anything up that I'm worried about so I think it's still slightly on the rich side
The thing is I've not got wideband to double check Af
It's had a really good thrashing for the last 3 days and all is still good
So have I cracked it or could there still be trouble ahead ?
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