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Originally Posted by nubsub View Post
so, maybe i'll be the only participant, but if not, this may be of help to some of us who can commiserate and perhaps, if we are fortunate enough, find solutions to our rattle problems.

i know these can theoretically be fixed by the dealer, but in my case, i'm doubtful of that being a solution, especially if and when the rattles are intermittent.

i've been probably overly repetitive in other threads about my rattle issues, but i now have four that i have had occur all intermittently although a couple of them are more regular than others.

it should be noted that unless noted, i could be totally wrong about the location of these rattles as sound can travel in weird ways in cars and one's perceived ability to locate sound can be tricky with all of the reflective surfaces.

1. rattle on the passenger side of car about same depth (distance from windshield) as head rest. i thought the headrest was rattling but the more i explore (trying different tilts and extension settings and holding it while driving) i'm now pretty sure it's not the head rest. my new hypothesis, which is hard to test without a passenger*, is that it may be the panel of the side airbag or the one below it. this is probably my most persistent rattle although it, like the others is generally better or nonexistent once the car is warm enough from sitting in the sun. i don't want to even consider touching the side airbag panel if that turns out to be the cause. i'd rather have a rattle than mess up the safety features of this car.

2. rattle from steering column area near the the knee airbag. i've reported on this elsewhere. i can make the rattle stop by pinching together the adjacent panel and this airbag panel so i know roughly where it is located, but i can't figure out exactly where something is rubbing within the panel. this is very intermittent. it used to only happen when the car was cool (again, defined by not being in the sun, and the ambient temp is below 70 oF), but now, the past couple of mornings, it has been nonexistent under those conditions, yet i heard it faintly after driving a while (it warmed up some) and then not there at all when the car is warm. i'm hoping and praying wishfully that this one may solve itself. this is my most annoying rattle, i think, because it is so near to me when i'm driving and has a really high paced (tap tap tap) very fast) type of sound and can almost sound a bit creaky in tone.

3. i have occasionally heard rattles, i'm pretty sure from the passenger tweeter cover on the dash. it's gone for now after i've pushed firmly down on that panel. i may play with it more once i get the tweeter upgrade ordered and have to install it. i'm guessing there is some excess play that could be mitigated by some felt dots or strip laid down in various places.

4. a really annoying rattle/buzz that i've only gotten on a few occasions: if i hit a really rough patch of road, something in the dash area just in front of me (the driver) buzzes and rattles pretty loudly. i've tried to grab and push everything in my vicinity, but it seems/sounds like it might be coming from within the dash. thankfully, it usually lasts only 20-30 seconds and i've had it happen 3-4 times in the 6 weeks of ownership, but this one would drive me nuts if it ever became regularly.

finally, someone mentioned before being able to tighten their rear latch. i think i've heard something on occasion back there when hitting the just the right bump. not really a big deal to me, but i wouldn't mind hearing about how that can be adjusted should i need to do so down the road.

so anyway, i know i'm probably nuts for bring this up, but i wanted to start a potentially helpful thread for some of us neurotic perfectionist types.

maybe it'll just become a coping group/thread...

* my wife thinks i'm insane (she's probably right) for focusing on rattles so she's not going to be much help in tracking these down for me.
Your not the only one! I have these freaking rattles too and it does drive me nuts sometime, ok most of the time.
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