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Default Muffler Delete

Originally Posted by monkeyracer View Post
There are one or two guys that have done this for this generation. Basically you unbolt the muffler at the flange just behind the rear axle, and add on a short pipe to point the exhaust down or to the side. You will be completely removing the muffler, but the cat(s) and resonator remain to prevent an annoying drone, and you get a little bit of rumble in the exhaust tone.

apexracer did his this way:

italia490 did his this way:

Exhaust Video :: MOV02783.mp4 video by strunz490 - Photobucket

italia490 has some videos in his photobucket album of the way it makes it sound.

I ordered this and this and I am having a friend weld it together for me when the parts arrive. I am picking up a gasket sometime this week too.

If I don't like it, I can always just bolt the muffler back on.

One exhaust shop said that Subaru might try to void my warranty if I did this, but I don't see how they could with Magnusson/Moss warranty act around. Wouldn't they have to prove that taking off the muffler was the cause for damage? (which is highly unlikely since a muffler just muffles the sound)
If that's the case, I'll just bolt the muffler on when I take it in for oil changes.
Just ordered the flange and steel pipe. Did you end up buying the gasket? If so where did you get it from?
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