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Originally Posted by toneh View Post
Now I'm gonna put the cat among the pigeons
Subaru is one of the only makes (here in uk and USA)
We're when you mention modding a whole group of people pop up and say
Oh you must do this or it will blow up or don't do that it will break
I hate to say it but they are not super fine race engines , they are a 2.0 turbocharged flat 4 , nothing special at all
Now I've been messing with turbo cars since very early 90,s
Rs turbo, sierra cosworth , escort cosworth and in later years Mitsubishi evo
And never have I blown one ! And a couple of those were running 400hp
I think the trouble with imprezas is they are now cheap and some folks just chuck bits on wind up the boost and bang ,
Could someone explain what makes Subaru people hop and jump around and live in constant fear of a blow up
They are no different to the cars mentioned above only they have the benefit of a far superior ecu which makes life a hell of a lot safer and easier ?
Of course they aren't 'super fine race engines'. They're fragile, over-square, short rod motors, aka: even worse

I don't think people telling you to get a wideband to do a proper tune is exclusively a subaru thing, it's a not-doing-it-half-assed thing.

If you want to do it half assed, be my guest, but expect half assed performance and reliability/lifetime
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