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Last real day of vacation, tomorrow is my off day, so they could call me. At which time I would go into work for the $.
Originally Posted by T-WRX View Post
BTW - Had my first road rage incident in a looooong time last Thursday.

In the westbound JTB onramp from Gate, some bonehead in a black Hyundai coupe jumps the queue, and crosses the double line to pull into traffic. Then the bonehead speeds up to block all the people who are trying to merge in the proper area.

Normally this wouldn't bother me too much. Stoopid Jax drivers, right? Except it happened to be in a torrential storm, during rushhour, and my wife+kids were following me. Guy two cars in front of me almost stopped in the merge lane because of the asshat, and we all had 10x harder time merging.

So after my wife was able to merge, I pulled ahead (450+ crank hp AWD can close a gap pretty quick) and did a Stuka dive-bomb on that Hyundai. Ran that dude right into the shoulder. I was so mad I was seeing spots flash in front of me. Seriously. Don't condone the actions, but thought I'd share...

Originally Posted by RedTRex View Post
....and I thought I was the only one who liked making asshats pay for being stoopid....
Originally Posted by T-WRX View Post
Yeah, I like to play with their minds.

However, I'm usually the passive-aggressive type. Things that are calculated to slow down and irritate the asshats are more my style (as opposed to a rage induced dive-bomb).

It's the wife & kids Joe, I usually am the same as you, get in their way, make them loose time & advancement in traffic.
My last one was pre-everyone-has-a-cellphone, but a drunk in a red BMW M3 cut me off at an off ramp. I followed him, and after driving like a lunatic through traffic, pulled off of Blanding, went about 400 yards into a parking lot & stopped, I assume to see if cops were following. At that time, I caught up & parked right in front of him, I got out & chewwed his ass for endangering my kids. He actually said, "I don't care.". At which time I put a real nice size 11 footprint in the drivers door. Said, "I don't care now.", got back in my car & left. Unfortunately, I don't think I got through to him. Just another Asshat making the joke about BMW's and Porcupines true.
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