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Originally Posted by nappingcub View Post
Thanks for the explanation and link. Guess it is still going to be mysterious since people in general can't get to a consensus on how to rate stuff. Now wouldn't it be interesting if there were some standards on how drivetrain companies rate how much ft/lbs of torque their gears could withstand?

Back to topic - The approx specs would be:
HP : ~1000 CHP holding ability
RPM : ?????
Weight : ~540g
Length : OEM standard
Material : ????
Bolts : ????

I know you guys can't give more accurate info until you get your hands on some prototypes, but maybe update the first post with some better specs? Knowing TiC and 3MI, these things should be pretty cool. But as you've said pretty pictures and numbers are awesome.

Hopefully soon I will be ordering some more stuff from TiC and can talk to you guys about getting a cow sticker to throw onto my skidplate.
I'll answer what I can approximately, and Micah will fill in with more details.

HP : ~1000 CHP holding ability
RPM : Given weight paired with a decent 2618 piston offering 8K SHOULD be realistic PROVIDED you have the valvetrain to support it. In the end I would be more worried about the valvetrain than the bottom end even though it spins at half the speed.
Weight : ~540g
Length : OEM standard
Material : 4340
Bolts : ARP L19

Now as this thread takes shape, and word starts to spread someone will ask the question of price. I know you guys haven't up until now because you all know how this works on this board as you've all been around for a while.

For those of you coming in who don't know how it's done -

A general range of price has been given. You WILL NOT see an exact or even tighter given rance on price in a tech thread. NO NO NO NO!!! It is very much against the rules of pricing things outside of the for sale areas. Even if mods let it slide from time to time there are vendors out there who will report us if we do (yes, things do get that petty), and frankly the forums are about our only form of advertising so do piss them off and cut off from being able to post threads like this would be very bad for business.
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