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Originally Posted by Gel Mibson View Post
Background - I got my Accessport st. 2 installed professionally about 2 years ago and never had any problems.

I hit a curb about a month ago and bent my strut, so I haven't driven my car until recently last Sunday when I finally got it fixed. I did notice 2 weeks ago that when I turned my car on for 5 min to keep the juices running that my CEL came on. I also noticed that my idle went from 1100 RPM to around 2500. After giving it a bit of gas, I noticed a misfire when I hit about 5000 RPM, so I reflashed my Accessport. CEL went away and the misfire went away - good.

I decided to drive my car to work today. After warming up, I idled at around 1500 RPM (meh, at least it's better than 2000), but then my CEL came back on. I commute around 90miles for work one way so I didn't want to risk getting stranded somehow, so I turned around and took the corolla to work today.

I miss driving my car, and i'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it...any idears?
There are many different trouble codes that can be set and knowing what code(s) are coming up is critical to any diagnosis involving the CEL. Even for a misfire, knowing what cylinder the misfire was in (based on the code) and whether it is consistently in the same cylinder each time (after you reset the ECU), is also important.

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