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Default StealthWRX 3rd Edition ::> RHD, Tucked, Tubbed, Caged and other Insanity. COMPLETE !

Step 1: Picking up the JDM v7 front clip – post #1
Step 2: Teardown of the clip – post #2
Step 3: Intial teardown of the car post #4
Step 4: Beginning of the Right Hand Drive conversion– post #8
Step 5: Intial Fabrication work - post #9
Step 6: Wiring harness, Brakes, Additional mockup – post #11
Step 7: New Parts rolling in! – post #58
Step 8: Final fabrication work, Part 1 – Post #83
Step 8: Final fabrication work, Part 2 – Post #188
Step 9: April 2012 – June 15, 2012: Paint and Body work – Post #192
Step 10: Coating/Polishing – Post #196

So I figured it was about time to let NASIOC in on the latest work being done to my WRX. A lot of people have started to catch on that something is up, so I may as well begin to spill the beans as it is only weeks away from completion.

With this latest go around, I have gone through and reworked almost every aspect of the car with the goal of building, what is in my mind, the ultimate Subaru and Version 3.0 of my vision. I have taken some things from the old and kept them in place and completely revised other areas.

The theme of my build, even since the last iteration, was to build a car that would be equally at home on a racetrack (if I ever felt the desire to start breaking things), on the street, or at the shows. A JGTC car for the street – a race car that looks like show car. Everything on the car is completely functional. It is driven on weekends and is registered, emissions exempt, and 100% legal for Maryland road-use.

And yes, let’s get this out of the way now, since there are always a few that have issues with this, it is primarily a show car. Inevitably, someone will come in here and start complaining about how stupid they think it is that all of the parts on here don’t get “used how they were intended” or that all the money into the car is a waste. That may be your opinion, but I built this car for me to like first and foremost, and at the end of the day that’s what matters to me. Don’t like it? Kick rocks. Appreciate it for what it is? Thank you.

Before I continue, I want to thank a lot of people/sponsors who have been integral to my ability to get this project done, many of whom have been long-time supporters even before this rebuild: Andrew from Brainchild Customs, IndigoBay Ventures, Andrew Yates, Sam, Jacob and everyone from AndrewTech Automotive, Team EM>TION, John Lane from Congressional Bank, Mark, Jermaine and Raj from TurboXS, Mitch & Robbie from Piper Motorsport, Old School Enterprises, Erik from Boomba Racing, Falken Tires, Joe and Alex from JPM Coachworks, Robbie from Iparkharder Designs, Bob and Steve from Metro Plating, My supportive wife and family. Without them, this project could never have been completed(almost!). Thanks to everyone involved. And I do have to also mention the infamous DMoney! – if not for his competitive nature I would never have been motivated to take the car any further than it was before.

Let’s start from the beginning of the rebuild back in July 2011. It was just after an extremely close decision which put me ahead of DMoney(but just barely) for Best Subaru at Tuner Evolution in PA, that I decided I needed to step my game up to stay on top, especially with the likes of Joy's car, Dudley, Wayno, Tino, etc...

And now why we are all here – the photos. I literally have hundreds of progress pictures to add to this thread if there is interest, but for now let's start with the basics...




I'll kick things off with Step 1.

Step 1: July 20, 2011 –Picking up the JDM v7 front clip

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