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The Intake, the real fun. So this took about 6-7 hours to put together.

Also a box of gloves, I used a new pair each time I put the never seize on a bolt. Note this is necessary because you're putting stainless in aluminum and it will corrode to it. The dielectric grease I applied to pins of each connector. And of course vitamin I.

So install the two large pipes first, leave the passenger side for last.

Don't tighten or torque anything until it is fully assembled. Also if you're smart put the rubber fuel hose on the nub to the rear fuel pressure regulator before you put that large piece on, it's buried and I kept scraping my knuckles on the right hand fuel pipe where the regulator mates too! The nub in the pic above, you can also disconnect the fuel injectors and swing that arm up, which I suggest doing.

So for installing the injectors I uses a tinly bit of the dialectric grease on the O-rings so they don't tear. I forgot to mention that the fuel hose is the new gates barricade carb compliant hose. You can get two foot section on amazon. Note if you have the lines coated, the fuel hose will NOT want to go on too easily, a slight bit of grease helps however don't over do it! If you do the line will not clamp and seal, I had to throw out a bunch of hose because of getting too much grease on it.

Obviously you can't powder coat the regulator, the high temp engine paint is a pretty close match, so I masked off the ports and painted it and the air assist injector.

Shot of the left side.

Right side

So all the piping is done. All the bolts are torqued to the manual specs.

Next up is installing the wiring, should be easy 2 hours later. ugh
Start by attaching the grounding wire, it's the easiest landmark. Then the passenger side injector connectors.

Route the harness around the back of the intake, I carefully slid the two furthest connectors between the pipes. It's neater and doesn't need an extra zip tie. Connect the EGR.

Here's a shot of the underside so you can see how I lined things up. Only after all the injectors, egr, ground(with dialectric), ignition connectors are in place do you use the zip ties.

Here's the near complete result, I'm waiting for the other brackets to be powder coated, bright green.

For the curious the high performance silicon hose sizes you need are 3mm, 4mm and 6mm. I'm going to use some of the 8mm to route the coolant up and down from the throttle body. I'm not sure about using it on the breather lines, I don't know if the oil vapor would affect the silicon.
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