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Default JR Tuned **stock block** 2006 GT3582 E85 STi goes [email protected]

**edit** 3/19/13

First of all I really hope this doesn't get deleted as it will soon have track results/dyno numbers in the thread at some point.

I want to post in this section b/c this is where all of the knowledge of Nasioc resides and all of those who I respect regularly post in here running/tuning big setups so I come for help/advice/etc.

Really hoping this turns into a long thread with quite a few replies and can document the progress my car makes, anyways let me get to the point...I am STRUGGLING with the car ever since going rotated. Some of you recall my stock turbo set up being pretty strong and I really never had any problems, well it has been the exact opposite experience with the new setup.

Currently running a treadstone engineering rotated kit that I picked up from a friend at a friend price. Paired it with a Garrett 3582, tial 44, tial q bov, etc. Standard stuff that everybody far as my fuel system I had a set of 1200cc side feed FiveO Motorsport injectors and still running my trusty walbro 255 in the tank. After the reassembly of the car it ran terribly and was constantly dying and would not idle, hardly wanted to cruise, etc. Nobody could figure it out, I assumed it was all tuning but had 1 then 2 then 3 different people look at it with no results. Finally got the car to idle ok and cruise ok but coming off of cruise it would not transition to idle and would either die or stumble violently until it either killed itself or I shut it down (AFRs pegging rich) on the wideband.

Had numerous people suggest it was the FiveO injectors which were never going to work since they were big sidefeeds. Was talked into going top feeds so I spared no expense on injectors and bought a new set of ID2000s. Got hooked up through a friend on a set of factory wrx rails and FPR and scored a set of TGV deletes from another friend. At this point I was excited and expected the problems to be solved...get it put together and NO CHANGE.

Next chapter, I boost leak tested the car for the 10th time and somehow I all of a sudden had quite a few leaks including the intake to tgv gaskets so I think maybe that is my problem. Tore it all back apart for the 2nd time in a couple days and get it back together and NO CHANGE.

Current chapter, I left the car with one of my EVO friends and he has been playing with it everyday for more hours than I care to know (awesome friend) him and his tuner have been playing around with the car and at this point I don't really care b/c I have the "try whatever, I am out of ideas" attitude. Well the car started to idle ok and cruise really well and it no longer was dying in between transition from cruise to idle but it is still rough to say the least and I will NEVER be happy with it in it's current state. Either way the car got to the point where they were doing some WOT pulls and have worked up to 22psi but when trying to bump it up to 24 psi they noticed it leaning out which indicated maybe a lack of fuel pressure. Sure enough put a fuel pressure gauge on it and it is dropping from about 62psi back to 55psi in the upper RPM another problem...grrrreat.

At first we thought maybe the pump was running out of flow so he put in a Jays Racing 342lph pump he had laying around, no change. Ok so maybe the FPR is bad, changed it out and no change. Lastly maybe the fuel filter is plugged, removed the filter and no change. We are reading fuel pressure right off of the main supply coming into the engine bay near the drivers strut tower. So not sure what to check next...

Now if any of you made it through the novel (which has been 4 months of my life) Here are my questions:

1. What else can I try to solve the fuel pressure drop? I can't imagine we are maxing out the factory fuel lines since we are only at 22psi.

2. What can I do about the terrible driveability?

It is not enjoyable to drive at all, if I was assured I could drop it off at a shop and pick it up in perfect driving condition with only a tune I would trailer this thing anywhere in the country and leave it...but I don't want to fall into a situation where I end up with a $2000 tune due to a million hours on the dyno...any thoughts?


Just wanted to update this first post with some results that can be found later on in the thread (Page 14)

Time slip:

Track Video:

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