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Originally Posted by Junior2JZ View Post
The maf placement on the Treadstone is kinda ****ty, but not that big of a deal.


If you send me your ROM, I can try and help you out with the stalling
Junior my laptop with roms/logs is back in Nebraska with my car but I will try and have my friend send you a ROM just to see what you think. You believe the MAF location is something that can easily be worked around? I guess I am surprised to see so many different opinions on the MAF location while most say it is something that cannot be worked with you seem to think it's not a big deal which I guess I like to hear

Originally Posted by Clark Turner View Post
In my opinion, That car will never run correctly with the maf in that intake pipe. It can be made to run but not up to my standards for Drivability, response, mileage and power.

As for the 255, Its no where near enough fuel for the ID2000 and a GT35R on E85. Rewiring off a relay with will help for sure but the main limiting factor is the fuel lines and rails. Once the lines are -6 up and back, The flood gates will open and you will have plenty of fuel.

Clark I appreciate your response but am curious as to why the MAF location in your opinion will be so limiting? I see most rotated kits with draw through MAFs very similar to mine. Also it seems there is a huge split on those who promote blow through versus draw through, have you had bad luck with draw through in general? Also if I was to remain draw through MAF, where would be an ideal place to relocate the MAF to?

As far as fueling is concerned it seems that you are the only one saying the lines/rails are the limiting factor...while I would love to step up to an AN6 supply/return I am hoping to get the car going as it sits now. For power levels between 450-500whp it doesn't seem that lines/rails are always required. Correct me if I am wrong but would you not see higher pressure if the lines were the limiting factor between the pump and the point at which I am testing pressure?
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