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JGard> oh man, getting excited
<JGard> going to buy motorcycle sport tires
<JGard> my trailer hitch came in yesterday
<JGard> just need to get tire mounting equipment and I'll be ready for a bike track day
<JGard> I hope i'm not annoyed that my current bike is a pig compared to teh CBR I took around NHMS
<iamrazor> depends on the track i suppose
<JGard> it looks like a longer and faster track but my bike is 100lbs heavier and has 50hp less
<iamrazor> laguna seca?
<JGard> nah, buttonwillow
<iamrazor> prolly do the cork screw at 25mph
<JGard> although I will try to do LS this year
<JGard> I need to get silencers for my exhaust made, first
<JGard> no aftermarket exhausts allowed at laguna seca
<iamrazor> gay
<JGard> quite
<iamrazor> buttonwillow has too many configs
<JGard> so does your face
<JGard> the good thing about it is it's near Subrew
<JGard> so he said he'd probably come by and take pics of me
<JGard> and then after that photo session, I'll go ride on the track
<thug> jealous
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