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Originally Posted by raggedoutsti View Post
Just got a new AP, want to install it to use the monitoring features, but I already have a custom OS tune.

If I install it, will it copy the current map and reflash?
Sorry for the weird ?
If you have the current version of the AccessPORT (i.e. version 2 - gray with the color screen), it will back up your OS tune when you install it and install the AccessPORT map that you select. When you uninstall the AccessPORT, it will put the OS tune back on. However, you cannot use the OS tune while the AccessPORT is installed, which means you cannot data log the OS tune. The only way to do this would be for someone who is experienced with OS and our tuning software to transfer over the OS tune to a Cobb map and then reflash with the AccessPORT.

If you have a version 1 AccessPORT (black brick-shaped device), installation will overwrite your OS tune and it will not be back up. When you uninstall, a stock map will be placed on the ECU.

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