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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by bkneeland1 View Post
Cobb catted down pipe
Invidia titanium tipped q300 Cbe
Cobb turbo heat shield

Some say I should have gone with no cat, I just can't stand the smell of the exhaust with no cat. Plus I lost my connection at the inspection station I'm super excited for these parts to come in. After install I will have to come to the meet so you can see the finished product!!!

my car has been catless for years and my car only 'smells' when the tune is 'off' and it is too rich

i smell the hot rotella sometimes ....but that is just the way that is

and if inspection is an issue....I shortcircuited THAT by buying a 'shorty' dp that you can put the stock last cat on for inspection and put the test pipe back in....takes about 30 minutes to swap in and out
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