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yeah, did the steering rack bushing this weekend as well and it really does make a difference. I put in just the passenger one and took a drive and there was a distinct difference between turning left and right, turns to the left were more immediate and crisper. turns to the right felt slower and softer. i actually could feel more g's with same amount of wheel turn to the left than to the right.

Then I got the driver's one on (quite challenging) and the steering is crisper both ways. Its like the car starts to turn sooner than before. Usually when you first turn the wheel a few degrees nothing happens. Now something does. you don't feel it when you first start the car, take off and turn the wheel (but maybe the power steering hasn't got all the fluid moving?). But as soon as you are on the road and turn the wheel you are immediately going in that direction. Feels very good with no perceptible increase in NVH.

My tip on installing the driver's side. For me, getting the bracket and bushing off was really easy, it was sliding the new bushing on that was tough. The thing will be very slimey from the grease so its really hard to hold onto but the grease aids in sliding the bushing on. I tried sliding/rotating it on from both directions (rear of the car to front and front of car to rear. You'll know what I am talking about once you are down there.). I found sliding/rotating it on from the front of car to the rear of car easier. It helps to get the bushing into its normal shape on the steering rack mount. As in, not bent or anything because those bends or flattening of the bushing prevent it from sliding "freely". Once you get the bushing around the top of the rack mount it starts to snake around towards the backside and will be stopped by the bolt attachment point. You will need to wiggle the rack a bit back and forth while pushing the bushing through. I found it helped to completely remove the bolts from both sides of the rack so that there is lots of movement possible in the rack. for me, the key to it getting that slimey sucker past this point was being able to really grab ahold of it. I was able to grab and edge with a small vice grip. I just locked on and slid the bushing further and further while pushing the rack towards the front of the car to give it some room to move past the bolt mounting point. With the vice grip I was able to move it pretty easily. Note, you won't be able to grab much of the bushing, perhaps 1/8" but its enough.
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