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Originally posted by Oldnslow
Well, in my view a "collector's car" is one that goes up for sale at those fancy auctions you see on the speed channel. The STI ain't no collector car folks. It's a $30K car in a highly competitive market segment that historically has done very poorly in terms of sales and longevity. Come to think of it, do you see many Japanese cars that ever become "collector cars"? I think the STI would be a fun car, but hardly some kind of "investment"....
A "collectors car" is anything that at least two people are interested in buying and are willing to 'bid up' the price above either retail (if new) or its 'Blue Book' value (if used) or original as new value (if 'historical') until one buyer walks away with keys & pink slip in hand.

All kinds of garbage/gold have gone to auction/bid from the AMC 'Gremlin/Pacer', Ford 'Edsel' and Ford 'Pantera' which were slow if not forgettable sellers when new to the 'hot stuff' such as the AC 'Cobra', Triumph 'Sunbeam', Pontiac 'GTO' & 'Judge', Ford 'Boss 302' and all manner of Hupmobile, Tucker, and Willys in between.

And be sure all of the above have car clubs and dyed in the wool fans, no matter they be trash or treasure.

Heck, there is even a small but fervent following for Subaru SVX's (a sales failure when new). I'm sure there will be a huge draw for years to come by hardore Subie fans toward the US 2.5L STi. Depending on how the popular & worldwide automotive press embraces (or rejects) the US STi the rest of the non-Subie fan world may embrace it too.
If and when that happens then we'll possibly have a collectors item on our hands.

But keep in mind, cars are not and should not be considered investments. Yeah, there are notable exceptions like the McLaren, or Porsche 959 or Jag XJ220 or Ferarri Berlinetta Boxer or a original '53 Corvette Roadster (a dog!).
By and large though cars are no more an investment than a refrigerator (though a good condition post-war 'Kelvinator' can fetch several hundred bucks!) or an '89 Honda Accord.

Cars are for commuting & driving fun...
Bonds are for retiring in the sun.

- Janq
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