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Originally Posted by Subabu View Post
Hey guys and gals,

This is the first accesport data log I have done with the new car. The previous owner had a very reputable shop tune the car. Keep in mind the boost is in kpa converted it's max boost is around 22 psi on the first run... however the boost on the second run done 20 seconds later is much lower. Here is a list of mods.

GT2871-RS custom turbo-rotated kit with v-band clamps and externally Tial gated up-pipe plumbed back into the downpipe.

Custom fabed enclosed cold air air intake box

DW 750 injectors

AVO fuel pump

Aquamist HFS 6 meth injection
Using -40 blue washer fluid roughly 40meth-60water

TGV and airpump deletes

Rocket Rally AOS

Heatwrap and DEI turbo blanket etc.

Blitz catback-modified to full 3'' to mate with the downpipe.

I did two 100 percent throttle pulls in fourth gear from approx. 2500-3000 rpm up to 6000ish

Can anyone with some knowledge help me decipher the numbers? I have watched a few of cobbs youtube video's and did some searches. I can't see any problems with regards to fueling or knock based on my limited knowledge. I may try another run with the injector duty cycle as well as change the boost from Kpa to PSI. Any input or response would be greatly appreciated!

2008 WRX STI
Aspen White



Many thanks!

Best thing to do would be to get a hold of the tuner if you can - they are going to know precisely how the map is supposed to respond. But, just looking at the logs, the only thing that I see that may be a problem is that you have some extreme A/F Learning 1 values. This could be any number of potential problems (tune needs further tweaking for intake/injectors, intake tract leak, bad front o2, etc.). On cars beyond stage 2, you should already have a wideband o2 sensor to monitor fueling. If you don't, I would get one ASAP and make sure you also get an in-car gauge. You can get one that is compatible with our AcccessTUNER Race software (such as the AEM UEGO) and that way you will be able to log it along with the other ECU parameters.

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