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Originally Posted by Ncreamer View Post
I have 3 years xp detailing for Toyota and let me tell you if you want to wash your car the correct way, use a boar's hair brush ($80), soapy water in bucket and pressure washer. To dry, use a clean silicone blade ($15) and then use a soft towel (not in microfiber) to dry spots.

If you don't know how to buff professionally then just give it a good hand wax in shaded area one panel at a time.
....spend a few years discussing various detailing topics with professional detailers, experts in the industry and long-time enthusiasts and you'll see there is usually more than one effective tool, product and/or technique to tackle these types of tasks.

For example, I like BRB's myself but I don't believe they are not for everyone. In fact, I see more people using them improperly than I see them using them correctly. ....which is probably why I usually see people knock them and claim they do more harm than good. The only reason I don't use them myself for an entire vehicle is due to the care and time it takes to ensure I don't use too much pressure on the bristles, etc. ....that and the fact that I usually find that they don't always get all of the grime off in the first pass or two (I usually find the need to go back over those areas with one of my other media like a lambswool mitt).

Curious, but why do you say not to use microfiber to dry? Personally, I would much rather use a good quality MF waffle-weave towel to dry than a silicone blade. ....but that's just me. In the end, I know most dealerships don't detail cars the same as I would so there is going to be a difference in opinion/preference in that respect.
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