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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
Vette sales are slowing down... year after year. (granted 2008 did not help)

2007 40,561
2008 35,310
2009 26,956
2010 22,194
2011 13,596

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As the boomers start to die off, their death grip on marketing demographics is dying with them.
I shouldn't really have to point this out, but:

Not saying you're wrong, but these numbers don't support your point; these are all from the same generation model. Dwindling sales numbers within the same generation of any vehicle are completely matter-of-course. You always see that. Your sample group really needs to show a decline over C4-C5-C6 generations to be valid. I haven't checked those because I'm a lazy bastard, so they may in fact still support your point. But even if they do, they still wouldn't necessarily mean you're right, what with the C4 being during the economic boom of the 1980's and the C6 during the modern economic downturn, I'd expect the sales numbers to decline regardless of average customer age. So that's a hard point to support, honestly.

Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post

The box they are in is shrinking. Fuel economy is getting tighter. They cannot keep making 6+ liter cars. You can only gear it down so much before it becomes impractical.
You can only remove weight so far before it becomes stripped out and raw, and 53 year old men do not usually like stripped out and raw.

They need to use a smaller displacement DOHC V8 engine, with direct injection that gets equal power but far better mpg. Then they can give it a true performance 6 speed and drop the killer overdrives on 5th and 6th. I think the C6 is a great size, but if they could shrink it a bit more that would be great, but not really sure where they can take off any size. They have that 2 golf bag rule I think.
I know you've been campaigning this for a few years now. You're probably right about the displacement, but I still fully expect the next motor to be some form of direct injection pushrod probably in the 4.5-5.7L range. We know they've been testing DI LS-motors since like 2006 or so. The improvements in power and economy in GM's engineering of the SBC/LS have shown little sign of stopping, and they still have some fairly major technologies they've yet to leverage in improving the Corvette engine (Viper-style cam-in-cam, direct injection, engine stop-start, etc.). The box they've painted themselves into may be shrinking, but I still think the pushrod has another generation or two left in it. Or rather, I think GM thinks it does.

Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
Most of all, they need to look at what other people do in 50K dollar cars and make an interior bespoke to the Vette. Make it a special place.
I understand that's a priority for the C7, and I'm glad for it. I never empathized with the criticism, but I acknowledge it's validity. I think I've repeated my maxim how "STI owners get a car with a crappy interior that competes with sports cars and Corvette owners get a car with a crappy interior that competes with exotics for like $10-15K more". But even I would agree it's time for the Corvette to take a step up.
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