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Originally Posted by DamnNissans View Post
my saga continued from above:

July 11, 2012 10314 Miles. I check the oil level and it is almost quart low.
(Consumed almost quart in 44 miles.)
Originally Posted by sgoldste01 View Post
I have to believe that you'd be seeing smoke coming out of your tailpipe with this oil consumption rate.
Yeah, you would think and smell it too.

It's time for SOA to act NOW. I would demand a new engine. The bottom is about to fall out real soon if you're going through a 1/2 qt in 50 miles now. There's no way I'd be putting a quart of oil my engine every week or every other day for that matter. I'd park it at the dealership and bug the **** out of somebody until something is done. Let them drive it 50 to 100 miles so they can see for themselves.
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