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Originally Posted by CLL_OBP View Post
I didn't say go act a fool but the guy has a serious problem with his car and customer service doesn't always give that warm fuzzy. He took it to the dealer a few times and all they've done is order an oil sensor. Hope that sensor stops the oil lost. In the meantime, he has to continually buy 0W-20 synthetic oil just to keep his rig afloat.
Yep he does. And soa thinks that's ok. In fact, all of the USA and Canada are "severe driving" so maintenance intervals, per the manual, should be cut in half. This is why soa suck. They should tell you about that before you buy the car.
According to Grant and Desire', as well as others at SOA- burning up to 3 1/4 quarts (3.125 to be exact) is perfectly acceptable and doest meet the requirements for warranty replacement. Half a quart in 1200 miles times 7500 miles = 3.125 quarts. So if you live in North America, its a severe environment, therefore acceptable, according to soa. So an owner could have to buy 8.425 quarts per interval. That's not cool.
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