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Default Old Man Meat - July 29th (Sunday)

It's that time again! Assuming that you are 31+ (Confirmed age restriction with an elder last night)

So, after a conversation with several old men at a super secret meet location, we have decided that a Sunday meet would be best this month due to scheduling constraints. You know, kids, work, photo shoots, etc.

Sunday, July 29th at 9:00 a.m.

I spoke with Jane, the owner, and mentioned our group coming in. They can accommodate a maximum of 12 patrons. I will be arriving 45 minutes early to get our names in, so the wait time should be minimal.

I did some interweb perusing, and found a place that I have never been before.

Chance's Pancake Corral

They have mostly great reviews, and everyone says the wait staff is fast and friendly. I have seen good reviews on the CFS as well.

Parking is plentiful, however the lot is gravel next to the building. I have been told that the cleaners next door to Chace's will be closed on Sundays, and we are allowed to use that (paved) parking as well.

As previously stated, I have never been here before. So, that said, if it sucks, just know never to put me in charge again!

Side note: If anyone has a suggestion about a different place to try, or bad reviews about this place, please chime in.


1.) Dunkin-
2.) STI Dy-
3.) TurboneX-
4.) ACC
5.) Bobbyvu
6.) StayShift - (overruled for age limit) - Get that glass of apple juice ready!
7.) Verdugo
8.) MrMorrninwood & MrMorrninwood's Missus
9.) PicklePrint (has to sit at the kiddie table with StayShift)
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