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Originally Posted by Junior2JZ View Post
Does my r33 that ran a HKS sequential box in 2005 count?
Actually.... I have personally setup and dealt with plenty. The amount of time it took you to type all that would have been 3 shifts. Yes, if you want to get technical what you wrote is 10000% accurate. What I am getting at is you are portraying it as if you have wait for the shifts. You don't, they are instant. It is not like you have a low 7s/high 6s RWD were the power cut is both dangerous and causes .0Xs losses, you have a mid/low 8s car, you are not going to pick up .5 by switching to an AUTO.

So you don't use full boost til 4th gear? Would you care to show a log of that fast pass? Showing both the shift drop and boost? I posted up logs for both our 8sec cars. While they are not 170mph or 1000hp the manual car does trap 160 and I can lay in full boost at the 330... I can say though that our EVO was able to have a full 60psi in 2nd as well, but that only trapped 168mph.

Thank you for the suspension tech, again I am pretty well versed in suspension/traction set ups RWD/AWD/FWD.. My whole thing is your making it sound like you are loosing tons of time.. You are not
BTW Both the p&l cars are cutting 1.30s in AWD, our 2 EVO's are in the mid/low 1.3s... I understand how it all works bud, our slow car out of 3, all glass/full body i6 3.0ltr car went [email protected] with a soft mid 1.2 60ft this weekend..

I'm not a newb, so please try not to be so condescending.

BTW why not have your ECU shift the gears for you, just like an real AUTO .. Works well for the guys at STM
Where do I start lol.

I'll stop treating you like a noob when you post accurate info!

You say my box shifts in a 0.000000000001 sec power cut when it actually takes around 5,000,000,000 times longer than that! ie 0.05 secs. Now thats not exactly "waiting for gears" but if you stack up the 5 shifts, thats 0.25 secs off the power. The Jerico, lenco, 4eat etc will have 0.0 time off power. So please dont say they are the same.

I can't comment on the Evo trans so lets keep the conversation to the Impreza trans. Anyone running low 8's on a std case 4wd manual trans?
Regarding lifting front wheels and the effects on traction, your 4eat is different as its modified to be permanent RWD with a FWD clutch (but you knew that huh?) thats why you don't lose traction lifting the fronts.

My traction issues (if you can call 1.34 60' on DOT's an issue) relate more to the track prep, they only glue the first 60' so you get there ok then break loose. I ran an [email protected] on 19psi boost (770 flywheel power) and then ran 8.42 @ 170 with 28psi boost (1010 flywheel) so go figure where the power was layed down lol

I have the ECU set to shift gears but when you have to pedal it through the breaking traction with all 4 wheels it can get a bit messy so its no hardship to tug the lever, same shift speed and no air bottle to carry! Best of all, less to go wrong.

No hard feelings ole timer
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