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Originally Posted by izergfx
Why ?
Think how I feel
Guy maps car , people say your risking it , might go bang
Guy posts , it's all good , done 1500 miles , running well
People say well you've hit a compramise it's not as good as it could be
Guy says no it is , done some back to back with another decent spec car
People then move on telling guy , well you can't have mapped it properly because you didn't change x & y
Guy says I can't because I don't have x & y
Wtf do people want , what do they want me to say
My cars knocking , it's down on power , i ve got a rom out of a Lexus in it
I'm only reporting what I've done , no more no less
I'm sorry it's running well and I'm pleased with it
I'm sorry I can't find problems with it
I'm sorry I've spent days and days logging , tweaking , flashing revised roms into it ( was even gonna post my rom )
Now why the f***k are people intent on finding problems that don't exist or telling me what I've done or not done ( I should know I've done it )
I thought some people might read this and think hey this guys done his own without spending big amounts of cash and it sounds ok , I might look into it and have a go
IMHO I think it's pretty sad , most people need
encouragement not doubt cast in there mind , if life was like that no one would try anything through fear of failing
There's some amazing guys on here so I'll just be reading there advice from now on ,
It's just not worth the hassle posting Any successful ventures , far too many negative folks for my liking
Very very sad

All the best and to those that want to mod/map there own car , go for it !

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