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Originally Posted by ST Eye View Post
For mine, I definitely don't have any sort of "cold start" issues. It just goes on right away every time. Did you get the harness from SVXDC? Do you have it wired to your reverse light? Mine had a small red wire next to the AV jack on the camera harness which I didn't hook up. Did you get it through the same seller as the auction I listed?
I didn't get the item from the same seller. I wanted to get one from a seller near me in case there are issues, I can get service a lot easier.
Though the item looks identical to what your ebay listing shows. Mine is a Taotronic E366.

I did get the harness from SVXDC. Mine came with a RCA jack and a black wire with a 'fork' that can be screwed down to ground. The instruction says to attach it to gorund, so I had it screwed down to the HU's chasis.

My camera had only 2 wires other than the RCA wire. One red one black. The red went to the + terminal on the backup light, the black went to the - termianl on the backup light. Originally I had the black going to the car chasis, but becuase of the problem I was having, I changed it to - terminal of the backup light. I didn't make any difference however.

BTW, on the HU screen, it switches to camera view and show the "check surrounding... waring message" immediately when I shift to reverse gear. However, the screen remains black, until the camera powers up.
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