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Originally Posted by deathnerve View Post
A couple weeks ago my car was sidewipped drivers side no note (hit and run). I will be responsible for the deductible of $500 and trying to save i would like to make an attempt at some of the repairs myself.

Damage is is very minor: 08 subaru forester xt sports steel silver metalic

-driver side rear door damaged lower 50% of door is buckled in 15% of this pushed in 1"+
-a scratch/scuff mark about 1/2 inch thick line pretty deep into paint and some point to metal. this line is horizontal running though rear quarter and rear door at door handle heght(possible other car door handle was the cause). It makes it onto the front drivers door starting seam between door 3" into front door maybe to front door handle only.
- drivers side mirror no paint damege only broken glass and cracked blinker lens

I was thinking i could
-replace just miror glass on drivers side mirror, leave cracked blinker lens for now (blinker still working,power mirror functioning with no damge to paint or housing)
- find rear door from salvage yard (from what ive been told subaru doesn't have replacement door skins)then bolt on myself
- DIY minor body work to scratch/scuff
- then bring to body shop for repaint

MY questions
Is this logical to save money
If door from salvage is a different color does this create a much bigger expense (strip door of all inner card/hardware and glass for paint)
Roughly how much to repaint drivers side of vehicle
would it be better if used salvaged door was off car for painting
Do auto body shops allow me to remove handles, weather strip, tail light to help reduce cost of prep work

Am I missing anything

Matt the painter any interest or recommendation for repaint?

about me - I have had only average/below experience with auto body shops never really good. Last place my wifes car was repaired returned the car to me with overspray 12'" beyond damage in both directions, over 25 small grit bubbles (dirt debris under paint). This shop took the car back and apologized to me for letting his 70 year old Dad original owner work on our car. The car looked better after 2 attempts and 35 days, and had less damage then explained above but similiar on passengers side. I can see the rear door on her car was not replaced and only repaired bondo cause of the imperfections/waves

sorry for the long winded post any input would go greatly appreciated, this stinks because this is the first car i ever had that i enjoy after 19 years of driving
It seems like you care about your car, and I'm sorry about the inconsiderate person that hit it. I would highly recommend you going through your insurance, and sourcing out a reputable shop to do the work. Post in your local forum and find an auto body shop that does quality work. If you take the check and purchase the parts on your own it could end up being more than the check insurance is going to issue. Then you would not be able to receive a supplemental check from insurance to cover the remainder.

That aside to answer your questions:
*You could end up saving a little money sourcing the parts yourself, and doing the body work...but this could easily turn into a headache. Without having proper experience you could cause more damage to your car, and the end result could be an unsatisfactory finish.
*Yes, if you got a different color door the "edging in" process will be more labor. Search and you may get lucky with a door the same color.
*To refinish the entire side I would venture a guess of $750-1500, really depends on the shop.
*Most decent body shops do not like touching a car after the customer has began the repair process. They will not be able to warranty any work if they didn't do the complete job. I use the analogy, "would you bring a steak you seasoned to a restaurant and ask them to cook it for you?". They're could be a shop that would work with you with pricing based on what you have accomplished, but I would avoid that.

Sorry to hear about the crappy body shop experiences, and that is just unacceptable. Like I previously stated, do some research and find a shop with an excellent reputation.

I looked at the pictures and suggest leaving it up to insurance and a body shop, but let me know if you have any other questions.
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