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hmm... 20g xt-r, dom 1.5xt-r, green HTA, or more.. like a dom2.5, 3, or a "small" rotated set up.... maybe just keep the '52 and save for whatever...

this has been the battle for the last 6 months or so while reading experiences and overlapping charts..

i don't want to buy too small and be disappointed or buy too big and not enjoy driving it daily anymore. basically and ideally, i'd like to keep the save torque and hp curve and just have the lines keep going up and top out accordingly on the right. like if you looked at my 4 dyno plots, continue that trend up.

the BLACK line is not a real plot... but that's kinda what i'm dreaming of. smoother lines of course. and suuureee, i'd be happy with more low end or more in general =P soo.. is that possible?

i'm still on the fence of just selling it and starting over but that'd be a financial stretch/stress even though in 3 years i'd probably be ok.... a lot can change in that amount of time though.

seats... i've been considering some nice bride low max's, but have been saving up for a potential build/swap/etc

track wheels/tires... want.. bad.. but again, saving for the above.

blah blah blah. cool story.
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