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2004 STi sold :(


Originally posted by Glenn Wallace
The profile of the hood is completely different too. The newer car's hood is quite a bit higher.

.....and the USDM STi has more power and a smaller intercooler than the JDM 03 STi....
Is it higher, or is it just that the front half of the new hood is lower?

About the JDM vs. US innercooler sizes, where did you get that info. I've agreed with most posts I see from you and it seems that a lot of what you say is fact, so I'm not calling you out, just curious about how you know this.

As far as the Us STi having more power and smaller innercooler, the US WRX tuners have had little problem creating even more horsepower than the US STi, with more boost (thus more heat), with the even smaller WRX innercooler and smaller WRX scoop. So with the STi having a bigger innercooler than the WRX and the 04 WRX scoope being bigger than the 03 WRX scoop, there will be no problem. And like I's a temporary fix for me.

Just FYI for anyone who cares to know. I measured the 03 WRX scoop entry at 1-3/8" peak. The new scoop is 2-1/4" peak. The width on both is the same (~20 inches). That makes for about a 20% larger flow area.

Originally posted by LinuxGay
And yet it took you a trip to the dealership just to figure out that an '03 hoodscoop would not fit an '04 hood, you couldent look at a picture and figure that out?
I'll ignore you from this post on, until you've matured a bit, but I'll give you a chance to put up or shut up and show me picutures that clearly show that the 03 scoop will not fit the 04 hood.
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