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Had a customer call today:

Customer: I have a 2004 Isuzu Ascender and I know there is a recall on my vehicle for a gas cap issue

ME: Well, I've never heard of one. Where did you get the information?

Customer: The internet. I've been doing research on it for a while now. It's TSB # XXXXXXXXX

ME: Well, that TSB is not a recall and does not pertain to a gas cap issue, but rather an issue with a possible crank on the fuel filler valve. It's not a recall, but a warranty extension if you have the issue. What's the problem with your car?

Customer: Well, my check engine light keeps coming on and I keep replacing the gas cap and resetting the light by disconnecting the battery. After a few days, it comes back on.

ME: Have you ever had the code pulled for the check engine light?

Customer: No.

ME: How do you know it's an issue with the gas cap?

Customer: Because every time I replace the gas cap and reset the light it stays off for a few days.

ME: Are you using an OEM cap?

Customer: Well, I got it from Chevy. Technically this vehicle is a GM
(NOTE: which is true)

ME: The first thing you need to do is get the code pulled. We charge $45.00. That will tell you what is wrong and why the light keeps coming back on. Autozone will do it for free, and if you call me back with the code, I can lead you in the right direction. This way you are not throwing parts at it for no reason.

Customer: So I can't get a new gas cap for free? It's not a recall?

ME: (Reading word for word the customer letter he says he never got)....No, it's not a recall, but a warranty extension and you have to have a fuel smell and a leak.

Customer: Oh, ok.

ME: Get the code pulled and call me back.

Customer: Ok thanks....bye.

****Phone rings again about 10 minutes later****

Customer: I think I just talked to you about the gas cap recall on my car? Yeah, well, do you know how much a new gas cap is??

I wanted to reach thru the phone and smack him!! (Yes, this was a male)
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