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thanks geek guy for posting that thread to dirtyimpreza! There's definetly a big resurged interest in ALS right now! MotoIQ just put up that teaser of rocket zero lag

this thread was close to giving the answer...but the dude from Subaru WRC Spares couldn't figure out how to post pics lol!

Originally Posted by tunermt View Post
I don't suppose anyone on here has any pictures of what the inside of the "rocket" (subi als) looks like on the inside do they? I assume it is simply an open chamber but assuming is no good
Yeah we've gotta find that. And we're not going to find it. unless you want to pull a mission impossible at prodrive's headquarters. I don't think its simply an open chamber, if you watch the below video, it shows the engine tach and turbo tach, engine tach goes up to 5k, turbo spools, and then engine tach drops, and turbo tach doesnt, so something else is spooling the turbo...LIKE A CRAZY MINATURE JET ENGINE!!! its not bleeding off the charge canister, as it wouldn't be able to provide that much pressure to spool the turbo for that long and the charge cansister just stores surpluss pressure from the air diverted from hot side of the IC that would go to the rocket system and feeds that back into the engine when you get back on throttle...

I think this guy's guess on MotoIQ is the best i've heard:
"The combustor consists out of an inner tube (the flametube) with some organized holes around it's circumference and an outer tube. The air that is fed into the combustor gets divided into 2 air streams. One part is directed into the flametube, where it is mixed with fuel and ignited by a spark. The second air stream moves between the outer tube and the flametube and get's diluted via the holes into the flametube where the air/fuel mixture is constantly burning. At the same time the air that is not burned cools the combustor & flametube down. So you end up with an extremely oxygen rich exhaust gas and an EGT of around 600C celcius, which isn't even hot enough to kill a VTG turbo."

I hope that what all this is leading towards is more publicized info, and more widespread, privateer usage of advanced ALS in the next couple years! Twin-scroll is sooooo 2009...lets put jet engines in our headers!

And just to re-post some rad pictures Logic posted in that motoIQ thread:

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