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Originally Posted by 07VTRex View Post
spool is good. obviously not as snappy as the vf43/39 i had before, but not bad at all. In someways its a lot better in the sense its easier to drive, smoother power delivery, more off boost power/ throttle response.

before if i floored it at 2500 rpm, i would be fully spooled (18psi) by 3000 rpm. Now with new turbo if i floor it at 2500 rpm i wont be fully spooled till 3450 rpm (18psi). I was worried it was going to be like 37-3800 or even as bad as 4000 but i was pleasently proven wrong!

i really like this setup, i just wish i could push it more, but i fear my engine would esplode. I already have random misfires under light load/idle we havent been able to figure out. one day when i have a built shrotblock ready to put in, ill turn up the boost and see if she can hit 350whp on pump

Also, i see no point in the 10cm hotside when i have an EWG. that and the topspeed dyno comparison actually makes the 8cm look like the superior turbo regardless.

if this wasnt my DD and i didnt mind taking the intake manifold off again, i would have gone 3" inlet and bigger intake. My MAF is already hitting 4.8v on logs so its safe to say ive nearly maxed stock MAF way before the turbo is even close to being maxed out.

lastly, the numbers may be some of the lowest posted for this turbo, but dont let that fool you. the SHAPE of the curve awesome IMO. Even though my "before" and "after" dynos read the same HP. my injector duty cycle is about 90% on 750ccs and my MAF maxed. SO theres no way my 560 cc injectors at 90% were making the same power, unless im missing a huge part of the equation.
I haven't seen a dyno sheet from a 3" inlet and I would like too but soon I will see my own 3" inlet Dom 1.5XTR at about 6,000 ft altitude with E-85. I hope I can get my 400WHP mark with the upgrades I have. I'm wondering if the 3" inlet will help spool any.

Oh and as far as the dyno graph of the 8cm vs 10cm that Top Speed did. The 10cm held more boost/power longer than the 8cm. Both spooled about the same only difference was top end. I've been over that thread a hundred times.

I'm excited for my new setup and hope it's everything I've been expecting it to be.
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