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Originally Posted by nubsub View Post
if you don't mind sharing detailed notes, when you are done, with the rest of us, that would be great.

some questions that come to mind (and would be helped by pictures if you would be so generous) include:

- did you need to take apart the dash to access the harness of the HU? or could you just reach behind and unplug and replug it in? (when searching for a rattle, i could spy the connector on the back of the HU although i didn't see if my hand could reach up that far)
You need to pull off the front bezel. It is on there pretty good (clips) so having plastic prying tools helps out a lot. Then you take off 4 screws holding the HU to the car. Pull it out and remove the connectors in the back. The harness from SVXdc plugs into one of the vacant connections. Ground the wire on one of the screws holding the radio.

Originally Posted by nubsub View Post
- how did you route the wire from the back of the HU and with the extra harness, back to the hatch? (this is probably a multipart question as it, i am guessing, involves going either around/through the doors/headliner/carpet or a combination of them all and perhaps needing to fish/feed the wire through some of those conduits through the door opening(s)

thanks! glad to hear you got a working camera!
I removed the door sill plastic and lower a-pillar plastic in order to get enough under the carpet. Used fish tape in some areas. Routed wire under passenger footwell area and up the center console. I have a sedan, so I ran the wire up the existing wire conduit up the trunk arm. For hatches, check earlier in the thread.
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