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Originally Posted by builthatch View Post
i've always had whatever tuned by a well-respected tuner in the northeast. whether high compression or nitrous...i'd usually run a stand alone, typically an Apexi Power FC, and i'd always be tuned on a dynapack with subsequent street tune.

now that i have this new STI, i contacted said tuner, who is a Cobb certified tuner and asked him if he offers e-tuning since it'd be a lot easier than driving several hours to his shop AND i only planned on running a cobb intake (because i like the sounds) and an Apexi RS EVO cat back. he said i don't even need e-tuning...or tuning. i can run an OTS stage 1 +SF map and be a-ok.

i thought these 08+ ecus were much less adaptive than the past gen ecus? i will certainly datalog to make sure nothing strange is occuring and that what is supposed to be happening is indeed happening, but does this jive with what's currently the accepted path? it just feels weird to me to be able to just run an off the shelf map and have it "ok".

second do these +SF tunes react to a simple panel filter change as opposed to running an actual SF intake? is there any course of action with any of the OTS maps for a panel filter change, such as the Apexi "dry" panel filter?
Hi there. For these cars, you have the stock, AEM, and Cobb SF intake maps. Those maps must only be used with their respective intake. If you are retaining the stock intake, regardless of stock or aftermarket panel filter, you must use the stock intake map.

There is some "adjustability" with the OTS maps in that we do not just have a single map that can potentially be used with your car. There are maps for different octane fuel, so if, for example, you are running 93 octane but your fuel quality is worse than average (or you want to be more conservative), you can always run the 91 or 91ACN maps while still running 93 octane. We also have low and high wastegate versions of map which are used to correct certain issues with boost control that can vary by car (low is used is overboosting, high if underboosting). Best thing to do is to get a data log as outlined in the video below.

Certainly, though, you can see some potential gains from a custom tune. There are numerous protuners around the country that use our software and can create a custom tune if you like. But, this isn't a requirement as you can always run the OTS maps.

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