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Originally Posted by bacalhau16 View Post
Tunes are made for the specific intake you would be using. You couldn't use the stage 1+ sf tune with a different intake because the different intake would flow and read differently.

Many people run stage 1 using Cobb Ots tunes and are very satisfied. Issues may arise with higher altitude applications, otherwise, you're good to go.
Originally Posted by Cobb Tuning View Post
Hi there. For these cars, you have the stock, AEM, and Cobb SF intake maps. Those maps must only be used with their respective intake. If you are retaining the stock intake, regardless of stock or aftermarket panel filter, you must use the stock intake map.

There is some "adjustability" with the OTS maps in that we do not just have a single map that can potentially be used with your car. There are maps for different octane fuel, so if, for example, you are running 93 octane but your fuel quality is worse than average (or you want to be more conservative), you can always run the 91 or 91ACN maps while still running 93 octane. We also have low and high wastegate versions of map which are used to correct certain issues with boost control that can vary by car (low is used is overboosting, high if underboosting). Best thing to do is to get a data log as outlined in the video below.

Certainly, though, you can see some potential gains from a custom tune. There are numerous protuners around the country that use our software and can create a custom tune if you like. But, this isn't a requirement as you can always run the OTS maps.

AskCOBB - Subaru Data Logging - YouTube

thanks for the responses and clarification. i was not sure if the maps meant for intakes would overcompensate for a stock intake with panel filter, sort of like choosing a 91 map over a 93 since it would have richer trims and less aggro timing. but i understand that this is not possible.

Bill, you said "If you are retaining the stock intake, regardless of stock or aftermarket panel filter, you must use the stock intake map."

in your experience, is there a high liklihood that the car will have to be protuned based on the flow differences of a panel filter upgrade vs. the stock filter? i noticed in the map notes that it specifies in all caps a stock intake and stock panel filter.

it seems a lot of people on this forum are against changing the panel filter with the stock tune, so i'm thinking this must apply to the AP OTS maps meant for stock intakes as well.
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