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I have uploaded the ROM and notes on how to use it at

I have not been able to get the anti lag working, I have put notes up on what I have done so far. If anyone has any ideas let me know. In short about the anti-lag:

If I leave the fueling alone and simply retard the timing, there will be a few pops and bangs. However they are nowhere near enough to get any consistent boost.

The current antilag strategy relies on a jacked open throttle to supply sufficient air to the engine. Originally what I was doing was turning off all the injectors apart from one (chosen cyclically) and dumping lots of fuel in that one cylinder each firing cycle. The idea behind this was that the air from the turned off cylinders and the rich mix from the one cylinder would mix in the manifold and burn there. This didn't work at all.

The current version leaves the injector overrun fueling as usual (which is about to of what they would usually inject) and adds extra fuel into one cylinder cyclically. This still isn't working.

Ideas that I might try later are:
Adjusting the fuel overrun values
Adjusting the fueling
Adjusting the retard (I don't think this is the problem since I've set it to as much as 32* of retard)
Learning more about the ROM – possibly some failsafe code is overwriting the values I'm setting.
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